Pirate Roulette

Update: Sep 25th, 2010

Pirate Roulette | 海賊ルーレット | 해적룰렛


Pirate roulette is a 3-D “ini mini miny mo” type fun application for the iPod / iPhone. You have a cute pirate sitting on top of a rum barrel with 24 holes on the sides. Test your luck by putting a sword into one of the holes and make the pirate fly off the rum barrel. Each hole has an equal chance of “success” except for the ones with signs which increases or decreases the probability during the next round. It is a great toy for all age groups.

Have some fun when making difficult decisions like…
- Who is going to bell the cat?
- Is it really my turn to take out garbage?
- Who is going to change the diaper?
- Which boyfriend should I dump?
- Who’s going to drink the last shot?

*** REVIEWS ***
“But…Why is the rum gone?”photo
- Jack -

“I see flying pirates…”
- Cole -

“Now I can make him an offer he can’t refuse…”
- a housewife -

“Worst application ever!!! You ruined my life. I should have taken the blue pill.”
- Neo -

“Tough luck, son.”
- Morpheus -

“Houston! we have a solution…”
- an astronaut -

“Opps, I did it again…. Thanks, you stupid pirate”
- Pop Diva -

“Hasta la vista, baby”photo-2
- T-800 -

海賊ルーレットは3Dで具現した iPod / iPhone 用ルーレットタイプのアプリケーションです。

-ラーメン Vs.牛丼

photo1 IMG_0008 photo4


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