Finger Stomp – Use Your iPhone to Create Freestyle Street Music

Posted by greySox on November 30, 2010 at 5:28 am
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125x125bannergreySox proudly announces the release of Finger Stomp, the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Finger Stomp HD, a truly original street music and old-school urban hip-hop music making application.

Finger Stomp provides unique items such as chains, cans, signs and buckets to allow Users to truly recreate distinctive urban street music and beats never before heard on the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Objects can be seamlessly mixed and matched on screen while an integrated BPM Counter, Metronome, Record and Replay Function, and 50 bundled preset beats offer a complete street music and old-school sound production package.

The new iPhone version delivers several new features missing from the iPad version: a practice mode where Users can be learn new beats, the ability to export recordings as .wav files, and the option to upload their new tunes to SoundCloud. The version also provides users with50 new sample tracks.

The practice mode was included to help users learn how to create urban beats and sounds. There are a total of 50 different tracks, with varying levels of difficulty ranging from one to five stars. When practicing, objects are highlighted to indicate the order in which they must be played. Tracks are also divided into equal parts to help Users learn in an incremental manner. In addition, users can learn at their own pace by choosing up to five different tempos.
“We are very excited to release the iPhone and iPod Touch version of the Finger Stomp HD app.” Says Seungyi Lee, President of greySox Co., Ltd. “In the iPhone version, we wanted to provide brand new and exciting features we missed in the iPad version.”

Finger Stomp HD for the iPad has been very popular. It has been featured in the “New and Noteworthy” and the “What’s Hot” section of the Apple App Store. In addition to such stellar acclaim, it has also spent some time occupying the #1 position in the ‘music’ category for Brazil and South Korea, as well as earning accolades on, where it has been hailed as one of the “Best music making apps for mobiles.”

Finger Stomp HD reached a rank of #4 in the US ‘music’ category. It has also reached the Top 50 in 29 Countries including the UK, Canada, Italy, France, and Japan.

Finger Stomp is a collaborative effort between three companies, greySox, ThePot and SPN Holdings. Each offers their expertise, respectively, in programming and publishing, graphic design and professional studio sound. These specialists have combined their skills to offer the user the most authentic urban music application available.


Feature Highlights:

* Practice mode: practice at your own pace with part selection and tempo
* Export your newest beats as .wav files to use with other apps
* Upload and share your newest creations to SoundCloud
* 22 Different objects featuring professional, studio created authentic sounds
* each object can be easily placed and fixed
* Sound velocity, rolling and scale can all be changed
* Record and Replay Features
* 25 different prerecorded beats to practice with
* 3D Positioned Sounds
* Utilizes‘ Drum Meister’ beat engine for a seamless and responsive flow.
* Animated Visual Effects

greySox also created Drum Meister, a popular Drum app that was recently featured in the YouTube hit video, “Take Me Out” by Atomic Tom, which gained over 3.7 million views.

The app has reached the Top 50 in the music category in the US, Australia, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea and 7 other countries. It has also reached the Top 100 in 22 other countries. Drum Meister reached a peak rank of #90 in the overall US iTunes Store.


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