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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

greySox wants to thank all the String Trio fans by giving out this new Holiday Version of String Trio.
This special package has 10 Christmas songs and we hope you guys all enjoy.

- We Wish You a Merry Christmas
– Jingle Bells
– Gloria
– [...]

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greySox proudly announces the release of Finger Stomp, the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Finger Stomp HD, a truly original street music and old-school urban hip-hop music making application.
Finger Stomp provides unique items such as chains, cans, signs and buckets to allow Users to truly recreate distinctive urban street music and beats never before [...]

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“Revolution x TV” is a Japanese TV show broadcast by TBS every Sunday at 11:30 pm.
In the last weekend’s show, a guy (entrypostman@twitter) from AppBank  – one of the largest iPhone application reviewers in Japan – introduced a series of interesting iPhone applications and greySox’s “String Trio” was just happened to be one of them.


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South Korean Hiphop gets old school with Finger Stomp
On Sep. 23, finally awaited Finger Stomp HD was released and selected in “New and Noteworthy” list of AppStore. Finger Stomp is an innovative music app that pays respect to old-school hip-hop and street musicians, transforming users to produce the sound and feel of original urban music.

Finger Stomp features everything users [...]

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Drum Meister Grand (the iPad version of Drum Meister) is now in review by Apple.
We are expecting it to be approved and become available for sale in the appstore within a few days.
Sooner or later, this iPad version will evolve into a drum machine enriched with various powerful functions like import/export , sequencing, customizable skins [...]

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Paperback writer done on iphone music apps.
Guitarist (MooCowMusic)
Bassist (MooCowMusic)
Drum Meister (greySox)

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Can anyone play drums like this guy?
He even seems to be able to play them while he’s walking.
I’d say he’s one of the best who knows how to use “rolling” feature of the Drum Meister as well.
Nice arrangement in portrait mode too.
Smart !!!

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Here is another fantastic perfomance…

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If someone asks me when the happiest moment is as a developer, I would say when I find someone using my application whole a lot better than me.

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