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South Korean Hiphop gets old school with Finger Stomp
On Sep. 23, finally awaited Finger Stomp HD was released and selected in “New and Noteworthy” list of AppStore. Finger Stomp is an innovative music app that pays respect to old-school hip-hop and street musicians, transforming users to produce the sound and feel of original urban music.

Finger Stomp features everything users [...]

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Drum Meister Grand (the iPad version of Drum Meister) is now in review by Apple.
We are expecting it to be approved and become available for sale in the appstore within a few days.
Sooner or later, this iPad version will evolve into a drum machine enriched with various powerful functions like import/export , sequencing, customizable skins [...]

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Find the X-stone
An alien traitor had kidnapped the pirate captain to conceal the X-Stone from the alien empire by implanting the X-Stone into captain’s body.  Then he made replicas of the captain to disguise the real captain. Your mission is to find the X-Stone and return it to the alien empire.
After finding the X-Stone five times in a row, you will have a chance to take [...]

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App Store in Japan / May-2-2009
Pirate Roulette is the No.1 paid apps in the entertainment category.

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