String Trio – How To

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New iPhone Application “String Trio” – Demo Video Clip

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Review from appSafari

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Drum Meister

Drum MeisterHow good are you with your fingers? Drum Meister is a full featured top-down view drumming app for the iPhone and iPod touch with the native drum sounds a large selection of real life drum pieces that you can arrange to personalize your very own drum set. The app has gone through a few version upgrades and is by now very much stable and works almost flawlessly. When you open the app you see your drum set and can customize this by tapping the i button and then choosing Arrange and then the red circled arrow button. From here you will see a ribbon of all the drum components that you can drag onto the stage to create your very own set. The pieces include Kick, Snare, Toms, Hihat, Crash, Ride, Splash, Chinese Cymbol, Cowbell, Reverse Cymbal, Brushed Hihat, Brushed Cymbal and Brushed Snare. If you ever mess up a layout, you can go to the options page and reset the drum arrangement positions. Here you can also create auto drum rolling settings for 4, 8, 16, and 32 beats. Move the 3D parts to anywhere you want on the stage and you are even able to resize the pieces as you want.

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Review from

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drum meister iphone drum kit - the rhythm is gonna get you to buy it

Looking to start up an iPhone or iPod Touch-based band? Here’s the latest musical instrument to make its way to Apple’s portable wonder-device. Seung yi Lee’s Drum Meister lets you use your fingertips to play drum sounds on little tiny pads that look just like their real-world counterparts. The app includes sampled sounds of a variety of snares, cymbals, a tom and a nice kick drum for that extra thump  10 drums in all, and all on screen at the same time. The drums support multi-touch and you can slide your fingers across multiple drums to quickly play a riff. And since it’s a true polyphonic sampled drum kit, you can pound on ‘em all you want without the sounds cutting off.

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Special Event for Pirate Roulette Ver2.0 Update

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Find the X-stone

An alien traitor had kidnapped the pirate captain to conceal the X-Stone from the alien empire by implanting the X-Stone into captain’s body.  Then he made replicas of the captain to disguise the real captain. Your mission is to find the X-Stone and return it to the alien empire.

After finding the X-Stone five times in a row, you will have a chance to take a picture with the alien delegate from the empire. Just send us the picture via e-mail to prove that you’ve successfully completed the mission.


IMG_0003  IMG_0001

Then you will be given a privilege to engrave a short text message (your name, a hello to the world, or whatever you say) on the pirate beach. 

Your message will be updated on a weekly basis and shown like this.

IMG_0016   IMG_0027

Good luck !!!

No.1 Entertainment App

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App Store in Japan / May-2-2009

Pirate Roulette is the No.1 paid apps in the entertainment category.